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About US

Since 1971

Rizzio Valvolve is high-quality customized engineered API 6D Ball Valves in the Oil & Gas and chemical market

Rizzio valvole S.P.A established in 1971,with 48 years experience, and availability of vast inventory
makes it a complete devotion to API  gate, globe, check, and ball valves , where total reliability is of the utmost concern.

Rizzio valvole S.P.A is a dynamic Italian industrial valve manufacturer devoted to the production of API 6D & API 6A Trunnion Ball Valve, API 6D floating ball valve, API 600 Gate Valve, BS 1873 Globe Valve , BS 1868 & API 6D Check valve, API 6D Plug Valve , API 609 Butterfly Valve, API 602 Forged steel valve, bellow valves.

We manufactures valves to industry and international standard specifications, or to customer specified requirements with: fugitive emissions, performance and functionality, high pressure gas, high temperature, low temperature, fire safe, NDE Inspections.

Production range:
Ball valve/Gate Valve/Globe valve/Check Valve/Plug valve/Butterfly Valve/Forged Steel valves/Bellows Valves


Carbon steel/Alloy steel/duplex steel/super-duplex steel/monel, others are available on client’s demand.

Size & Class:

1/2″~60″ 150lbs/300lbs/600lbs/900lbs/1500lbs/2500lbs/4500lbs;rating API 6A up to 20000PSI