API 6D Plug Valve

API 6D Plug Valve 4

API 6D Plug Valve

API 6D Plug Valve

Plug valve

Plug valve is a shutoff valve to shut off the flow of fluid in a part of the circuit. It has an excellent seal against the fluid, It is also bidirectional with very little operating torque.

As a specialized plug valve manufacturer, our plug valve types are available in Lubricated Plug Valves ,Non- Lubricated Plug Valves, Expanding Plug Valve, Eccentric Plug Valve, Multi Port Plug Valve etc, pressure rating class 150 to class 2500

Plug valve is found in all types of fluids but mainly in chemicals or gas and oil. Applications where it is important to avoid any area of retention.

We offer Plug Valve with the following grades:

Manufacturer Design: API 6D, API 599
Sizes: 1/2″-36″ FB/RB
Pressures rating: ANSI 150lb-2500lb
Body Materials: Cast Carbon / Stainless Steel/duplex steel
Ends: RF, RTJ, BW
Fire Safe Design/Test: API 6FA